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Manufacture of windows

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are the most popular among people who appreciate natural and impeccable esthetics. Wood is seen as luxurious material which has been used for centuries as it is flexible and easy to use. Modern wooden windows are comfortable, functional and elegant. Wood is a renewable resource, safe for the natural environment. We offer windows of various sizes and shapes.

Euro 68 Standard

Euro 68 standard wooden windows are typical wooden windows made of selected , three-player glued softwood ( pine) and hardwood ( exotic meranti or oak).
The window has a 25-mm specially profiled high capacity drip rail, 20-mm Euro fixture groove, 20-mm slant on external profile of the frame and sash – identical window optics. There is also the possibility to add a profile on external profiles of the windows i.e. retro style and rounding of external profiles – R3 ( smooth lines of roundings and optimal spread of paint), we can add second seal to the sash which strengthens sealing and sound-proofing effect near the glazing of increased resistance to noise.

Euro 78 Energy

We also offer windows which are completely new on the market i.e. energy-saving windows with thicker profiles than those used so far ( commonly used 68-mm ones). Application of the new 78-mm profile gives better results connected with heat transfer and makes it possible to obtain UV coefficient between 0.8 and 1.0 W/m2 for the whole window. The use of these windows in construction reduces heating costs by 30%. It is achieved not only by thicker window profiles but also by applying special double chamber glass unit filled with argon additionally equipped with warm frame box, improving UV coefficient even by 10 %.

Wood – aluminum windows

GEMINI, a system of single wood- aluminum frame windows is an innovative structure of windows based on the combination of two independent frames: wooden frame and aluminum frame with an energy-saving double-glazing glass in between. The external aluminum frame guarantees durability whereas the internal wooden one ensures natural heat and friendly esthetics.
GEMINI system of wood- aluminum frame windows combines advantages of wooden windows with long durability. Thanks to strong external aluminum frame there is no need for renovation.

Gemini Classic

Gemini Classic is an ideal system for people who value traditional solutions. The shape of aluminum profiles is very characteristic. As far as the structure is concerned, Gemini Classic has the biggest number of variations of all Gemini systems available. There is a choice of system profiles with crimped or welded corners. Features and technical specifications of this system make them versatile, functional and esthetic.

Gemini Integral

Gemini Integral is an exceptional wood – aluminum structure in Gemini group of products which has an aluminum sash profile invisible for the outside. Thanks to this, we achieve an effect of a single frame just like in the case of fixed glazing. The shape of the system profiles does not have a distinct slant and externally they create  the right angle . The tightness of the whole structure is increased by welding an extra seal into the profile achieving E1200, which was confirmed in IFT Rosenheim test.

Gemini Linear

Gemini Linear is a system in which the surface of the sash is flush with the surface of the frame. As contrasted with another flash Quadrat FB system, Linear creates a distinct angle with external surface. Similarly to other systems from GEMINI group, its functionality is above average and it has high technical parameters. It can be used wherever single surface design and modern visual form match architectural concept of the building. Use: windows, doors, elements façades and winter gardens. System profiles can be ordered as frames with crimped or welded corners.

Gemini Qadrat

Gemini Quadrat is a system with distinct profile edges. The surface of the sash is clearly shifted from the surface of the frame creating two distinct surfaces. It differs from other systems as it has unique minimalist, even geometric design especially important in modern buildings where glass, concrete, aluminum or steel are used. What is so special about Quadrat aluminum profile, is the fact that they do not have a slant and create the right angle with external surface of the profile.

Gemini Soft Line

Gemini soft line is characterized by exceptionally neat and esthetic line of design. Rounded aluminum profiles of this system distinguish it from other systems of Gemini group. It is a very stylish and functional solution. The system has excellent mechanical, insulating and acoustic properties. System profiles can be ordered as frames with crimped or welded corners. Features and technical specifications of this system make them versatile, functional and esthetic.

Gemini Quadrat FB

Gemini Quadrat is a system with distinct profile edges similar to Quadrat system. In FB version the surface of the sash is flush with the surface of the frame, creating one visual surface. However, special shape of aluminum sash which causes 15-mm forward shift of the glazing when compared with conventional solutions, makes it possible to use wider glazing package at smaller section of the wood. Quadrat FB does not have a slant and create the right angle with external surface of the profile.

Gemini Retro

Gemini Retro is a system designed for historic or stylized buildings. Specially designed shape of aluminum cover plates gives this type of windows elegant, classic and timeless character. The Gemini Retro windows are available in wide range of colours and can be used in most sophisticated applications. Design and functionality of this system, offering a very wide range of available structure and very good technical specifications, distinguish it from other Gemini group of products.

Gemini Thermo Classic

Gemini Thermo Classic is a system used in buildings where high thermal and acoustic comfort is required. As regards available window and door structures, they have a wide range of use similar to Classic system. Thermo system profiles with thermal insulator can be ordered with crimped or welded corners. Filling the chambers of aluminum profiles with thermal insulator causes an increase of thermal properties of the structure.

Passive windows

Passive windows are an ideal solution for demanding customers. They combine high performance, traditional appearance and individual design. Thanks to the use of high thermal insulation achieved by triple glazing, wide window reveal and thermally optimized assembly, passive windows are able to retain the heat in the manner that was impossible before. Moreover, absorption of solar radiation and heat emitted by inhabitants of a passive house combined with passive windows give an additional energy profit. Passive windows meet the highest energy-saving standards and bring tangible benefits i.e. considerably lower costs.

Gemini Passiv

Gemini Passive is a system for wood-aluminum window structures designed for passive houses.
Thanks to high strength and performance parameters such as perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, above-average tightness, air permeability and resistance to wind load, the system is dedicated to modern buildings which have to meet tough energy-saving and performance requirements.

Euro 92 Passiv

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to energy efficiency of buildings so the importance of windows with better thermal parameters is increasing . Such windows decrease energy losses and allow you to save the costs of living in a flat or house. That is why, we would like to present our new product, classified as an energy-saving window: Passiv 92, the window with increased thermal insulation properties.