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We are pleased to present a list of chosen projects in which we have participated.
For many years, our products have been appreciated both on local and international markets which is the best proof of the quality of our products.

Over the years we have been working for hundreds of individual customers as well as institutional customers carrying out projects involving homes, public facilities and historic buildings both at home and abroad.

Historical buildings

Palace in Wojanów
Wojanów near Jelenia Góra
Persius Villa
Potsdam, Germany
Historic Villa Lugano Via Adolfo Oscar
Torricelli, Switzerland
Luxurious, historic residential building
Lipsk-Markkleeberg, Germany
Historic residential facility
Ruckertstrasse Potsdam, Germany
Historic multi-family building
Heimstrasse Berlin, Germany
Multi-family building
Mahlmanstrasse Leipzig, Germany
Luxurious single-family house
Avenue du Plan de I’Eglise, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France
Historic tenement house
Behlertstrasse Potsdam, Germany
Historic tenement house
Eisenhartstrasse Potsdam, Germany
Historic tenement house
Friedrich-Ebert Strasse Potsdam, Germany
Dentist surgery
Behlertstrasse Potsdam, Germany
Tenement house
Paris-Montreuli, France
Tenement house
Paris-Bagnolet, France


ENERGYLANDIA Entertaiment Park
Zator, Poland
Office building
Siegmaringerstrasse Berlin, Germany
Office building
Alicante, Spain
Hotel 4*
Prague, The Czech Republic
Secondary School No. 12
Podwale, Wrocław, Poland
Marine Restaurant
Kiel, Germany
Melun France
Restaurant and Cafeteria
Hauptstrasse Kohren-Sahlis, Germany
Architectural Office
Luisenplatz Potsdam, Germany

Private facilities

Group: Residential estate
Housing estate of single family homes – Karwiany near Wrocław

Group: Reconstruction
Redevelopment of an old stable into a modern house – Holbaek, Denmark

Group: Apartment building
Modern apartment building– Amsterdam, Holland

Group: Historic tenement house
Tenement house– Market place, Opole, Poland

Group: Villa
Modern villa – Azalii, Krapkowice, Poland

Group: Residence
Iraqi President Sommer residence – Wimbledon, London, England

Grupa: Group: Single-family house
Luxurious single-family house – Lipowa, Karwiany, Poland
Modern single-family house – Różana, Krapkowice, Poland
Modern single-family house – Maigloeckenweg, Leipzig
Modern multi-family house – Lutjenburgerstrasse, Plön
Classic single-family house – Alicante, Spain
Classic single-family house – Kisielewskiego, Nysa, Poland
Classic single-family house – Czernica near Wrocław, Poland
Classic single-family house – Otrębusy near Warsaw, Poland
Classic single-family house – The Hague, Holland
Classic single-family house – Rotterdam, Holland
Classic single-family house – Królewicza Jakuba, Warsaw-Wilanów, Poland
Wooden cottage – near Karlstad, Sweden

Group: Apartment building
Luxurious apartment building – London, England
Residential apartment building– Kościuszki, Opole, Poland

Group: Flat
Modern flat– Dobrzeń Wielki near Opole, Poland